chipieart caro -the story-

coucou chipie... this serie is an homage to my childhood, that means to a very happy time in my life. with the remembering of the expression "coucou chipie" used by my father it originated this serie.


"coucou chipie" means the same as "pick abuh chipie", colloquially coming out of the french language. there is no direct translation for the word "chipie", respectively a matching one to my own understanding. a "chipie" could play tricks on someone but never in a bad way. maybe the word "rascal" describes the meaning in the best way. a blinking eye is a typical mark of a "chipie". adapted to the french "chipie" ist female. in my serie "coucou chipie" there is no difference between female or male. it stands for both genera. my message should reach everyone in the world! everybody should be a little "chipie". a "chipie" has attributes and moral values of a the way how everybody of us is born...we are definitely not born with a bad attitude...that´s what i am absolutely convinced of!


a "chipie" is/has open-minded, liberal-minded, impartial, straightforward, straight, tolerant, yielding, forgiving, unquestioning, no lust for power, not being mercenary, not wanting to be perfect for any price, social, modestly, full of the joys of life, not superficial, without hate, not envious, regardful, friendly, helpful, curious, determined.


a "chipie" also stands for the fact, that nobody is perfect (the typical way to paint a "chipie"). it´s all about to preserve these values and attributes and to try to live after them. it will not allways be easy to succeed to live like this..."chipie´s" are not corresponding to a norm! "chipie´s" also sometimes like to strive against the stream and they will not let themselves being pegged as something. but as said before they are never in the way of being malicious against others. "chipie´s" won´t take things to seriously. life is often serious enough...a "chipie" reminds you of enjoying your life and to think positive and optimistic! to live and let live, but without forgetting the own targets! "chipie´s" are not standing for a typical fun society just because they sometimes have a sense of nonsense. in that way qualm feelings and downs are easier to get over. live is to short for bad feelings because every day could be the last day!


be "chipie" and you will always find a way!


my vision

"march of chipie´s"! they will go around the world and start a friendly revolution! back to moral values!!! if everybody would be a little bit more "chipie" we could live in peace and freedom!


painting style

i do paint my "chipie´s" in acrylic, pasty and plastered. alternately i do paint like a child with rough brushstrokes, but also very precise and considered. the colours i choose spontaneously during the painting. consciously i only paint the head, because it is filled with all the thoughts that effect aur actions. therefor the body is secondary. they do not fit into the norm, are a little crazy and all have a blinking reason for that see the description of attributes and values.


all "chipie´s" are unicates and they remind us that we are all able to find our own "chipie" and to live like one!